Hey everyone! It’s been a while. Too long. I would like to profoundly apologize for the lack of content in 2016. It was not my year. I let a lot of people down. I let myself down. I let everyone reading this down. For reasons too personal to explain here, I had to step away from the site. It brings me great pleasure to announce that I’m back! And TheWayfaringDreamer is evolving.

The interviews you’ll be seeing in the near future will profile folks from a multitude of industries: from game developers, to actors, to writers, from musicians to magicians to founders and CEO’s. These people will all have at least one thing in common: they are creators. I have become obsessed with creativity, and I’d like clue you in on that obsession.

These interviews will be profiles. They will paint pictures of these people as people, and as creators. They’ll focus less on what these people are creating, and more about how and why they create. Topics will range from their daily routines, including sleep schedule, exercise schedule, perhaps even diet, to their creative processes, to their plans for the future. A big inspiration for this new project is Tim Ferriss. If you haven’t, check out his podcast, as well as his book, The Tools of Titans.

Think of this project as: The Habits of Highly Creative People. I’ve got some interesting interviews lined up, and a whole host of super creative people to connect with. I’m excited to finally rekindle my passion for this site, and my passion for sharing the stories of others. I hope you are too.


Ian Sidney Hipschman

About The Author

Ian Hipschman is a university student studying engineering. He's intrinsically interested in the gaming industry, and created TheWayFaringDreamer to interview people in the industry. He writes, plays guitar, plays soccer, and does a lot of homework. Too much. Hit him up on Twitter, @thehipsch